Ex-Auburn Receiver Spectacular In Shaw Debut

Former Auburn receiver Kowaski Kitchens has resurfaced at D2 Shaw University. (Shaw Photo)

Far from the bright lights and headlines of SEC football, a once-prized recruit made his return to the football field last Saturday. Shaun “Kowaskai” Kitchens made his debut for Shaw University on Sept. 7, two-and-a-half years after an arrest for robbery ended his career at Auburn.

Kitchens, a 6’4, 220 pound wide receiver caught a school-record 12 passes in Saturday’s win over Charleston (WVa). He finished with 144 yards and two touchdowns and was named the CIAA Receiver Of The Week.

// Kitchens was a two-way Georgia prep star, who played mostly on special teams during Auburn’s 2010 BCS Championship team. Just months after that national championship game, Kitchens and three of his teammates were arrested and subsequently cut from the Auburn team after being charged with first degree robbery   Former teammates Mike McNeil, Antonio Goodwin and Dakota Mosley plead guilty 

Kitchens also pled guilty in May and was scheduled to have a probation hearing in Alabama on Sept. 9.  Shaw officials say that hearing took place and that he is being allowed to continue his education at the Division II historically black college in Raleigh, NC.

The 5,000 seat Durham County Stadium that Shaw University calls home is a far cry from Auburn’s 87,000 seat Jordan-Hare Stadium. In fact, far is an understatement, it’s light years away. Still, considering the seriousness of Kitchen’s situation, it’s a fortunate situation for the young man. HBCUs have been giving second chances for decades, and this is just another example.

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