HBCU Gameday app brings the culture right to fans’ fingertips

The HBCU Gameday App creates a news and video content hub that combines stats and scores with exclusive content in a user-friendly mobile app.

HBCU Gameday has announced the launch of its flagship mobile application, the HBCU Gameday App. For the first time in the 11-year history of the brand, fans will have access to Gamedays’ written and video content all in one place, utilizing a push notification system to bring news, video, and scores directly to the users’ fingertips in an instant.

In addition to becoming the go-to hub for the news articles and video content that Gameday is known for. The Gameday app introduces three tech features to its mobile app and dot com platforms aimed at keeping fans engaged and informed about all things happening in the world of HBCU sports and culture.


HBCU Gameday


The Gameday app’s video engine is powered by WATCH: HBCU Gameday. A free, on-demand, ad-supported video platform that gives fans direct access to Gameday’s expansive video vault of highlights, interviews, and documentaries from the past decade of HBCU sports and culture.

The watch player within the Gameday App features curated playlists from the WATCH: HBCU Gameday video vault, as well as fresh daily content, interviews, and documentary features that will air exclusively on and the Gameday App.

SCORES: The HBCU Gameday Scoreboard

Utilizing the NCAA LiveStats data ecosystem from Genius Sports, the Gameday Scoreboard puts HBCU football and basketball stats and scores in the hands of HBCU sports fans like never before. By tapping into the on-site stats systems from NCAA LiveStats, The Gameday app features a custom box score module that delivers the final score with team and individual stats almost as soon as the game clock hits zero.

HBCU Gameday

GAMEDAY AI: Artificial intelligence-generated game previews and recaps

After a season of live development under the moniker “SAM Quick” during the 2022-2023 athletic season, Gameday’s artificial intelligence-generated content has been refined and rebranded under the banner of “Gameday AI“.

Gameday AI combines Genius Sports’ NCAA LiveStats data ecosystem with cutting-edge natural language technologies from BOOST to create stats-based AI game previews and recaps for all Division I HBCU football and basketball games. Gameday AI aims to cut through human opinion to give fans a “numbers don’t lie” perspective of matchups in HBCU Sports.

New to the Gameday AI football recaps this season is our Key Metrics to Victory. A custom algorithm that parses out key metrics from five different phases of the game that impact victory.

Key Metrics to Victory

  • Run/pass play selection
  • Time of possession
  • Third down efficiency
  • Penalties
  • Red Zone efficiency

This extra layer of data to the Gameday AI playbook will provide deeper insight into the factors that influenced the outcome the most.

The Gameday App is now available for download on the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store.

HBCU Gameday app brings the culture right to fans’ fingertips
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