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How Chris Paul found out about the Bradley Beal trade

Chris Paul was as surprised as the Good Morning America cast about being involved in a deal for Bradley Beal.

When Chris Paul booked an appearance on Good Morning America for June 19, he didn’t come to talk about being involved in a trade with Bradley Beal.

The 38-year-old was in New York to promote his new book — “Sixty-One.” But, of course, he ended up talking about both. 

GMA host Michael Strahan prompted the discussion by telling the future Basketball Hall of Famer how he found out about the trade of Paul from the Phoenix Suns to the Washington Wizards featuring Bradley Beal.

“I was surprised too. I found out on the plane yesterday. Flying here, for this,” Chris Paul answered honestly. “In this league, anything can happen. You just figure out what’s next.

GMA Co-host George Stephanopoulos wanted to confirm what he had heard.

“You literally found out on the plane?” Stephanopoulos said.

“Absolutely,” said Paul.

Chris Paul has spent the last three seasons with the Phoenix Suns after spending the bulk of his career with the Los Angeles Clippers and New Orleans Hornets. Reports circulated earlier this month that the Suns were ready to part ways. There is speculation that Paul might not play a game with the Washington Wizards as he could be moved elsewhere. 

Paul’s book is about the lesson’s that his grandfather taught him. Nathaniel Jones was killed at age 61. His grandson scored 61 the day after his funeral, prompting an interview with Good Morning America. Twenty years later, Chris Paul was back full circle at Good Morning America.

“That was the first time I had ever did some type of national interview and I was so nervous,” Paul said. “I remember I had water and I was shaking. I was so nervous, but Robin Roberts, she was amazing. Its crazy how life comes full circle.”

How Chris Paul found out about the Bradley Beal trade
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