NBA investigating Twitter tied to official Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis, recently named head of MEAC officiating, is being scrutinized by the NBA after the discovery of a Twitter burner account.

A twitter account connected to long-time NBA official Eric Lewis is reportedly under investigation of the league following its discovery earlier this week.

The account’s tweets were pretty much all focused on one thing — responding to criticism of Lewis as a referee. Particularly his calls against the Los Angeles Lakers and in the Western Conference finals. 

The twitter account was outed by a user who screen recorded the activity of the account on Thursday.

“NBA ref Eric Lewis has been outed as having a burner account (@CuttliffBlair). Lmaooo this is a momentous day,” the whistle-blower tweeted. “The account will surely be deleted soon so for the archives, the entirety of the account’s replies. All involving… yep, Eric Lewis.” 

Indeed, the account was deleted shortly after the tweet started getting traction. After it was discovered, a claim surfaced that the account belonged to Lewis’ brother, Mark. However, the email account associated with the twitter was the AOL account of Eric Lewis. 

Lewis is a 19-year veteran in the NBA ranks and has called thousands of games. Earlier this year he was head official of a crew that missed an obvious foul call on the Celtics’ Jayson Tatum against LeBron James in a crucial moment.

He is also a graduate of Bethune-Cookman University and was recently named the head of officials for the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). His wife is former Bethune-Cookman head women’s basketball coach Vanessa Blair-Lewis. She is now the head coach at George Mason University, whose women’s basketball program was one of just five twitter accounts followed by CuttliffBlair. 

NBA investigating Twitter tied to official Eric Lewis
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