PRESS PLAY: HBCU Gameday’s Top Five Returns of the 2016 season

**Disclaimer — Before y’all come at my neck in the comments section, this top plays segment is comprised only of plays that were shot by HBCU Gameday during the 2016 football season**

The NBA Finals are over, the NFL twitter feed just reminded me that there are roughly 80 days until kickoff and It’s 90 degrees when I step out the door at 9am…everyday.

This is always the worst stretch of the year for sports fans, unless you are a baseball Stan. So instead of counting down the days to the HBCU football season kicks off, I’m gonna countdown some more of my favorite plays from the 2016 season.

I’ve reached deep in the HBCU Gameday vault and found some more highlights for our “2016 Top Plays” Series so stay tuned over the summer to see what else I may dig up.

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