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Hampton and Howard have the same homecoming theme, and folks are being petty

(Tweet via Howard Hilltop)

Anyone who knows anything about HBCUs knows that homecomings are the biggest events of the year. And anyone who knows anything about HBCUs also knows that Howard and Hampton are big-time rivals, not just on the athletic field/court, but in pretty much every aspect.

So when Hampton rolled out it’s “BLUEPRINT” homecoming theme a month after Howard revealed the same theme, it was only a matter of time before the petty ensued.

And by matter of time, we mean immediately.


// Hampton “steal” Howard’s homecoming theme? Highly unlikely, as there’s no way to verify whether the Washington, D.C. based school was the first to ever come up with it. Still, these two schools compare everything, so don’t be surprised if this comes back up again.

Hampton will execute its BLUEPRINT the week of October 15, culminating in a matchup against Morgan State. Howard’s homecoming game is set for Oct. 22, with a week full of events to proceed its matchup with North Carolina A&T.

So we basically get “The Battle of The Real HU football game in September and then “The Battle of The Real HU Blueprint” in October. Gotta love it!

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