MEAC Receiver Rankings: Tough, physical receivers rule the conference

Twarn Mixson, Hampton 

Only appearing in 9 games last season, this rising junior came to play for the Hampton racking up over 600 yards on 50 receptions through the air. And with two more-than-capable QBs suiting up for the Pirates this season, the 1st-Team All MEAC player should definitely be on the radar to really breakout. 

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Issac White, Norfolk State 

 With as much grief people gave NSU’s inept offense last season, Issac White was able to rack up some impressive numbers (48rec/664yrds)on the season and make the 2nd Team All-MEAC team. He was at his best against rival Hampton, catching 10 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

Now we don’t know what the Spartan offense is going to look like under new coach Latrell Scott, but he will definitely be a key component.

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Quentin Atkinson, North Carolina Central 

This guy coming in at #3 but could have a major season with the likes of starting QB Malcolm Bell returning for another season in head coach Jerry Mack’s system. Former teammate Adrian Wilkins is looking like a sure-pick in the NFL supplemental draft so it looks like its on Quentin to build on his 615 yard season in 2015.

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Andrew King, Morgan State

There is a storm brewing in Baltimore. Following a the return of QB Moses Skillon and RB Herb Walker Jr paves the way for Andrew King to have another very productive year. When your running back and dual-threat quarterback can force defenses to move up, gifted receivers like King can blow the top off the defensive backfield. Returning experience is the best friend of the Bears, who are looking to be an early favorite to represent the MEAC in the Celebration Bowl.

Rashawn Proctor, Hampton 

Yes, another Hampton receiver. Proctor is coming off a 45rec, 550 yard season and looks to start opposite fellow junior Mixson. Now we could’ve went with a 3rd Hampton WR Rayshad Riddick (50rec/475yrd) but we felt like Proctor will be getting the nod to start for Coach Maynor’s squad. But it does go to show you, the Pirates could very well be on their way to building an offensive titan in the MEAC. Stay tuned.

Honorable Mention: 
Denzel Keyes, North Carolina A&T 

 Just missing the list is Keyes who showed flashes of great ability, especially in the later half of the season. A&T’s question mark at quarterback didn’t help his cause, but keep your eye on this guy. Sure to turn some heads in Greensboro.

— By @kid_heartless

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