HBCU gear only thing missing from Big Sean’s " Play No Games" Martin parody

If you haven’t seen the new Big Sean video “Play No Games” by now, you are missing out.
The video features a dead-on parody of everyone’s favorite 90s sitcom “Martin,” including an appearance by Bruh Man From The Fif Flo… Everything in this video was perfect (does anybody else feel like Chris Brown probably has a little more Cole in him than we know?) except one thing.
Where was the HBCU gear?
During the scene when a whole crew invades Martin’s crib to watch TV, we see a brother sporting a Michigan jacket, which makes sense as Martin was set in Detroit and Big Sean is from there. But anybody who knows anything about the show knows Martin and Gina both rocked HBCU gear pretty often in  the series.

Ok, so we know it’s nitpicking. After all, Big Sean just gave us a creative and enjoyable music video, which is rare from mainstream artists in this day in age. But still, it would have been dope to see a little a Howard shirt or a FAMU hoodie on one of the guys.
Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it. 
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