Update: Southern Working To Clear Up Eligibility Questions

Southern’s eligibility problems continue to grow. (The Advocate photo)

Remember that “certification” problem that caused Southern to pull eight athletes off the bus in the last three weeks? Southern attempted to explain those problems on Tuesday night, while it appears they have yet another student-athlete to add to the list.

Dr. William Broussard, Southern’s athletic director, said that the three players that were held out of Saturday’s game against Northwestern State–Kevin King, D’Andre Woodand and Dionte McDuffy–remain ineligible but could be recertified at some point this season.

According to The Advocate, Southern’s Reginald Redding is also currently not eligible. Unlike the three defensive backs, however, the offensive tackle was allowed to play in Saturday’s 51-27 loss to Northwestern.

“It’s crazy because last Tuesday, I was told I was fine to play,” Redding said. “So I had to go through thinking I’m good, then not being good. 

“Last night, I couldn’t even get any sleep because I was so worried about it. It’s very disheartening because I know how much I want to go out there and play, how much this game really means to me, how much I want to be out there and help support my team and give it my all. I know it hurts the team because I feel like I’m a valuable asset to the team.”

Redding has been on a roller coaster since the preseason. He was certified once before being decertified. Then came his recertification last week, which came five days after he was cleared to play after recovering from a concussion suffered in preseason practice. 

“With a concussion, you kind of know how you feel and when you feel like you can be back,” Redding said. “With this, you’re just waiting. It’s hard. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, next Monday, two Mondays from now. I don’t know.”

Shortly after that report was published, Southern posted this update to its Facebook page.

 Southern opens SWAC play against Prairie View on Saturday.

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