Misguided Faith: Are HBCUs Playing Fake Schools?

Mississippi Valley State defeated University of Faith 32-7 last week. (Mississippi Valley State photo)

Division II football rarely makes headlines nationally, but that’s exactly what happened last night when Tusculum pounded College of Faith 71-0 on Thursday night. Tusculum isn’t the only small school that’s gotten its rocks off against College of Faith. HBCUs like Clark-Atlanta (56-0) and Stillman (42-0) beat up on the Charlotte-based school last year.

But the folks at Reddit have done some digging that revealed College of Faith (and it’s sister school, University of Faith) may not even be a real school.

Here’s the evidence:

  • They pitch themselves as online universities (unaccredited by any major organization) that field football teams.
  • The CoF website:
  • The UoF’s athletic website is hosted on weebly:
  • The admissions page for UoF has an application that just asks for “Address, Height, Weight, Position”. I suppose that’s a step above “Pulse: Y/N”
  • The tuition and fees page for CoF conveniently takes PayPal.
  • Both the CoF & UoF claim to be members of the American Small College Athletic Association (ASCAA)
  • The ASCAA does not appear to have a website; its only 2 members appear to be CoF & UoF (which explains their scheduling, see below)
  • UoF recruits on Facebook
  • This 2013 video about CoF found by /u/wacojohnny is a bit stunning. The program was originally based in the Memphis area and was started for a college that folded. The person who started teams decided to start a new school for those teams where he served as President, AD and the original head coach. Watch the video and the entire nature of entity as a “school” unravels. Actual quotes: “Actually, I have not really even instituted much of the online curriculum yet because of the situation with the players and enrollees that I have [. . .] some of them don’t have consistent access to online accessibility. So basically what I’ve been doing is—those who have it—I give them their assignments each week at practice and they have one assignment a week and they turn it in by hand or they email it to me.” The founder is “basically homeless”.
  • The CoF is in its 2nd year and, despite claiming a record of 1-7 in their first year, in the games that we have records for (the incomplete records confounded an opponent, see below) they have never won or even scored a point:

    Redit also examined the University of Faith, which Mississippi Valley beat 32-7 last week. Stay tuned for updates on this one.

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