Florida State, Oklahoma State Fans Show Their Ass With Horrible Signs

College football is just getting started, but the knuckleheads are in midseason form. Check out the signs fans at Florida State and Oklahoma State brought to their team’s season openers.

Bomani Jones caught this one from Florida State fans, alluding to the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” campaign started after the killing of unarmed Missiouri teen Mike Brown.

// And things weren’t any better in the nation’s heartland, where Oklahoma State supporters felt it was okay to pour salt in a two century old wound by trivializing the Trail of Tears.

Some folks will point out that these are just college kids having a little fun. But that’s what’s so troubling. What has convinced these kids that poking fun at tragedies, both recent or historical, is okay? These antics seem rather junior-highish at best.

What’s the worst sign you’ve ever seen at an HBCU game? 

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