Spring Ball Heating Up Around The HBCU Landscape

Deonte Shorts is looking to replace Dray Joseph at quarterback for Southern. (Advocate photo)

Spring is in the air (for some of us) which means spring football season is here as well. The start of the season is still six months away, but football fanatics can get part of their fix now by watching returning players go through drills and scrimmages.

While there are no bands or cheerleaders, what goes on in the spring is the foundation for much of that happens in the fall. Positions aren’t always won or lost in spring ball, but those drills do often separate players from each other heading into fall camps.

Though the season ended last fall, players have been putting in the work in the weight room for months. Check out Norfolk State’s Noel Clark.

Up the road in Hampton, Pirate DE Miles Grooms is prepping to grab a couple more sacks.
Down in Durham, things are getting intense in Jerry Mack’s first year as head coach.


Delware State guys are beefing up as well. 

// Several HBCU squads are holding their 2014 scrimmages this week. We’ll be highlighting a few of them this week.

*April 3: Paine College
*April 4: Hampton
*April 5: NC A&T, Fayetteville State, Tennessee State

If we missed anyone, let us know.

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