Oakley, Mahorn Named Top Five Dirtiest Players In NBA History

Rick Mahorn was ranked as the third “dirtiest player of all-time” by

Two former CIAA stars ended up on a pretty interesting list earlier this week. Longtime NBA veterans Charles Oakley and Rick Mahorn were named to The Top 10 Dirtest Players of All-Time list by The Richest. 

Virginia Union’s Oakley showed up first, taking the fifth spot. Oakley played in 1,218 games from 1985-2004 and grabbed over 12,000 rebounds.

The New York Knicks were the bad boys of the ‘90s and Charles Oakley was the enforcer. Oak was never the most athletic guy on the court and his midrange jumper kept you honest, but it was his toughness that made gritty New Yorkers so proud. Oakley wasn’t afraid of anyone. Even Michael Jordan knew that if he drove into the paint and Oakley was there, he was going to end up on the floor one way or another. This was New York Knicks basketball. There were no free paths to the lane and if you dared to enter, you’d be fouled and fouled hard.

GIF via Oakley and Allen. 

Hampton’s Rick Mahorn ranked even higher, coming in at third overall, just behind Bruce Bowen and Bill Laimbeer, his teammate in Detroit.

The Bad Boys Pistons of the 1980’s were all dirty and Rick Mahorn was one of their main culprits. Some players are soft by nature and resist contact, but the big man in Detroit was anything but tissue paper. Some even nominated Mahorn as the baddest boy of them all and the one that paved the way for Dennis Rodman’s future. Mahorn may not have been a prolific scorer, but he made it up for it with his veteran sass and know-how.

 Can’t say that we disagree with this one. Not that it’s a bad thing…both these guys played more than a decade in the NBA and made a lot of money doing the dirty work.

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