NFL Draft Prospect: HBCU Football "Slowly Dying"

Tennessee State’s Kadeem Edwards spoke frankly about what he thinks is wrong with HBCU football. 

Much has been made over the past couple of years about whether or not Black College Football is progressing, regressing or remaining the same. Well at least one NFL prospect apparently thinks it’s in real trouble. Tennessee State guard told Aljazeera America that HBCU football is “slowly dying,” during his interview at the Senior Bowl.

Edwards said he loved TSU and the atmosphere, but was put off by how much it overshadowed the actual game.

“The first time I saw half the people in the stands leave after the halftime show by the band, it upset me,” said Edwards, a 6-foot-4, 309-pound offensive guard who played at Tennessee State University in Nashville. “It was a little disrespectful.”

He sighed and shook his head slowly side to side.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love Tennessee State,” he added. “The HBCU halftime is part of the culture, and I love the bands. It fills me with pride. But, man, the football is more important to me. I don’t want the people to leave the game before the third quarter. Stay and watch us.”


Whether or not you agree with Edwards, if you care about HBCU Football, his perspective is scary. If this young man feels this way after playing at an HBCU, how will these schools recruit other similarly-skilled players?

H/T: Bison Express

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