Officer Who Shot Former FAMU Football Player Not Charged With Voluntary Manslaughter

Former FAMU football player Jonathan Ferrell was killed on Sept. 14. (Huffington Post photo)

The Charlotte police officer that killed a former FAMU football player will not be charged with voluntary manslaughter. A Mecklenburg County Grand Jury decided on Tuesday that CMPD Officer Randall Kerrick will have to stand trial on a lesser charge for killing Jonathan Ferrell.


Ferrell was unarmed when he was shot and killed by Kerrick on Reedy Creek Rd. in Charlotte on Sept. 14. Kerrick fired a dozen shots at Ferrell. Ferrell’s family filed civil suits against Kerrick, CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe and the CMPD itself last week.

Update: NC Attorney General Roy Cooper has decided to resubmit the  voluntary manslaughter charge to the grand jury.

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