The Best And Worst of HBCU Football Uniforms 2013

With football camp still over a month away, we figured we’d have some fun and take an in-depth look at the best and worst uniforms of HBCU football. Here’s what we came up with. Let us know if we got it right. 


1. Miles College

Not really big on the shoulder pattern look that Miles and a lot of HBCUs have adapted, but I love that the pattern fades into the rest of the uniform.

2. Tuskgee (Alternate)

These guys almost got overlooked because of this uniform, but this black alternate jersey redeems the Golden Tigers. 

3. Morehouse 

Perfect blend of old-school simplicity with just enough flash to keep it from looking dated.


1. Kentucky State

There were lots of contenders here, but Kentucky State ran away with this one. Loud colors, shoulder patterns, the cartoonish horse on the helmet…just too much going on.

2. Albany State

There’s nothing awful about these uniforms from the front, but the “Golden Rams” on the back seems a bit pee-weeish.

3. Tuskegee

Just not feeling this version. 



1. Prairie View A&M

Prairie View’s camo uniforms have a stealth, new age charm that can’t be ignored.  Combine their uniforms with a solid offensive attack, and Prairie View may be one of the teams to watch in the SWAC next season.

2. Southern University

If you love sky blue (and who doesn’t), this is the jersey for you.

3. Grambling State

While a one-win season won’t cut it at The Icon, Grambling hits it out of the park with this uniform.


1. Mississippi Valley State

Mississippi Valley State suffers from the TMGO (Too Much Going On) Syndrome almost as bad as Kentucky State. It’s bad enough their colors remind you of a Christmas tree, but the devil patches on the arm, the swooshing stripes…just too much to overlook.

2. Alcorn State

TMGO Syndrom strikes again.


As the defending champs, there’s not much bad you can say about the players at UAPB. The jerseys on the other hand…Kinda boring.



Best: Johnson C. Smith

The Golden Bulls have one of the best jerseys in HBCU football with these. The color blend on the helmet is a nice touch as well.

2. Bowie State

It’s fitting that a team on the rise should have one of the best new jerseys in the conference.

3. St. Aug

Loving the cross-shoulder stripe. Nice, clean look.


1. Johnson C. Smith

JCSU almost looses all the cool points it gained with the uniform above by still sporting the bumble bee look. 

2. Virginia Union

It’s not that the Panthers uniforms are bad, they’re just old-school. Virginia Union would be well advised to follow in the footsteps of Johnson C. Smith and Winston-Salem State and bring their look to the 21st century ASAP.

3. Shaw University

Again, not bad…just boring.



1. Bethune-Cookman

This Wildcat jersey has the look of a champion. A lot of action going on here, but it all seems to serve a purpose.

2. Savannah State

Everything just kind of falls together for them here, though. There’s a nice mix of orange and white with blue accent stripes. The helmet is absolutely beautiful.

3. Hampton 

Again, not a big fan of the shoulder stripes, but those colors and the pants keep Hampton looking classy.


1. Delaware State

Not feeling the red and baby blue.

2. NC A&T 

This shoulder pattern takes away from the overall clean look the Aggies usually sport.

3. Bethune-Cookman

These shoulder stripes have to go.



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