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North Carolina A&T gets knock out of CAA Tourney by Hofstra

The Aggies are sent packing after losing to Hofstra in the 2023 CAA Tourney

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Hofstra defeated North Carolina A&T in the 22-23 WBB CAA Tourney by a score of 66-59 on Thursday afternoon. They went into halftime with a 37-28 lead and were able to hold off the Aggies for the final 20 minutes.

Sorelle Ineza scored 19 points to lead the way for Hofstra. As a team, the Pride shot 46% from the field, 62% from behind the arc, and 67% from the free throw line. The advanced stats told a similar story, as the team put up 1.03 points per possession on 58% true shooting.

Jordyn Dorsey recorded 15 points and five rebounds to lead the way for North Carolina A&T. As a team, the Aggies shot 21-of-48 from the field and 1-of-11 from three. That contributed to their average of 0.96 points per possession and 52% true shooting, which wasn’t enough to secure the win.

Hofstra’s record improved to 12-19 with the win. Its next game (March 10) looks to be an interesting matchup. The team will take on William & Mary who is in the midst of a winning streak. On the other side, NC A&T’s loss ended the momentum it had from its recent win over Drexel. The team will have to wait until next year for redemption, as this was its final game of the season.

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North Carolina A&T gets knock out of CAA Tourney by Hofstra
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