Mikey Williams

Mikey Williams is shaking the table as he picks up more HBCU offers, including mom’s alma mater

Mikey Williams’ HBCU interest isn’t about ‘clout.” It’s about a family tradition, and more importantly, shaking the table.

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Williams’ mother played college softball at Hampton.

Williams’ tweet, along with several other young prospects who have hinted that they may be interested in HBCUs, has been met with scrutiny from some that fear up-and-coming recruits will use the idea of going to an HBCU as a tool to gain a following.

While his tweet was brief, he went on to Instagram with an extensive message that attempted to make it clear he wasn’t just looking for “clout.”

“This has been a thought for years,” Williams wrote. “It didn’t recently pop up in my head. What a lot of coaches don’t realize is that we don’t need them…we control our own narrative.”

The 15-year-old obviously has the grasp of something that many much older seem to not get or just disregard.

“What a lot of top level athletes don’t understand is…if you’re a pro…than you’re a pro no matter what college you go to…even if you don’t go to college.”


Williams is absolutely right. Zion Williamson was so popular that by the time he was ready to go to college he could have gone to Livingstone College — a D2 HBCU and his parents alma mater — and still probably have been the top pick in the draft.

Williams gets it and that’s scary enough.

“Only God knows what the future holds,” Williams wrote. “But when that time does come that I have to narrow my schools down to whatever number it is…there WILL be multiple HBCU’s on that list. And they won’t just be there for show.”

Train up a child.

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Mikey Williams is shaking the table as he picks up more HBCU offers, including mom’s alma mater
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