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Tennessee State Homecoming Photo Gallery

Some of your favorite moments from Nashville.

The Tennessee State Homecoming didn’t result in a Tiger victory, but that doesn’t mean that the fans didn’t have a good time.   It was homecoming after all.  If you missed it or if you just want to relive the memories, enjoy this gallery by photographer Vincent Myers.

Calm before the Storm



Time for some action

We go to see the players, but there are a lot of people involved in creating the atmosphere every single weekend.  Check out everyone doing all the things that they do best.


Kiss the Sky

Cheerleaders never get the credit they deserve for their athleticism. Yes they are pretty, yes they have spirit, but none of that qualifies you to put on an aerial show.




It’s Halftime

There’s the game and then there’s halftime, for some people the game doesn’t start until that first whistle blows from the Drum Major.  Of course, the night isn’t over at the end of the fourth quarter, the 5th Quarter is the curtain call for all.  The Aristocrat of Bands is always ready to put on a show!



The Fans

They do it all for you, the fans.  Shoutout to everyone who supports HBCU athletics by purchasing tickets, making donations and repping for their school 24/7.




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