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LeVelle Moton announces Raleigh affordable housing project

The NCCU coach is partnering with his company to redevelop a legacy community in his hometown.

Courtesy: Raleigh Housing Authority

RALEIGH, NC – November 7, 2022: Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) is pleased to announce the selection of Brinshore Development and Raleigh Raised Development (RRD), co-owned by North Carolina Central head coach LeVelle Moton, to partner with RHA on the redevelopment of Heritage Park. Through this redevelopment effort, RHA will preserve all of the current affordable units and expand quality housing opportunities to additional families across a range of incomes.

RHA released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in August 2021. After a careful selection process, RHA chose the joint venture team of Brinshore Development, LLC and Raleigh Raised Development as co-developers for the project. “We couldn’t be happier to bring Brinshore Development and Raleigh Raised on as co-developers in the Heritage Park redevelopment project,” said Arne Morris, RHA Board Chair. “Their combined experience in affordable housing developments and familiarity with Raleigh’s communities provides a strong foundation for a successful planning and development process.”

Bringing affordable housing to Raleigh

Founded in 1994, Brinshore Development, LLC is a national developer specializing in the development of affordable and mixed‐income housing. Brinshore has completed more than 90 projects nationwide, with many more under development, comprised of over 9,000 apartments and homes with investment at more than $1.5 Billion.

Raleigh Raised Development has been instrumental in the Raleigh community.

“All of our developments are conceived with input and cooperation from stakeholders, including community residents, local officials, housing authorities, and community organizations,” said Richard Sciortino, Brinshore principal. “We also make our best efforts to create communities with HEART, an acronym for Health, Education, Arts, Recreation, and Technology while also
providing employment opportunities for community residents. This combination of public, private, and community involvement has proven to be an effective formula for successful residential developments that we look forward to using during Heritage Park’s redevelopment process.”

Brinshore is partnering with Raleigh Raised Development. RRD has well established roots in the Raleigh, NC community. The RRD partners include: LeVelle Moton, NC Central University Head Basketball Coach and local resident who grew up in southeast Raleigh; Clarence Mann, Manager of Vistabution, LLC, a local minority‐owned Raleigh‐based, general contracting business providing environmental remediation, right-of-way consulting, and demolition and disaster response services to state, municipal, city and government agencies; and Terrell Midgett, co‐owner of Management Professionals, Inc., a facilities and maintenance company in Raleigh.

Heritage Park a staple in the Raleigh community

“Heritage Park has been a staple in Raleigh since the 1970s, and we’re excited to be able to contribute to the process of preserving and updating this important Raleigh community,” said RRD partner, LeVelle Moton. “It’s our goal to ensure that the vision and voices of existing and future residents are incorporated into the design and construction of the redeveloped community. We hope that residents and the Raleigh community will keep their eyes open for upcoming opportunities to provide their feedback during this process.”

The redevelopment effort will start this fall with a 12-month master planning process that will include residents, the city, and local partners and stakeholders. “We look forward to working with RHA, RRD, and Raleigh residents to redevelop and transform
Heritage Park into a neighborhood that is welcoming, supportive and aspirational,” said Brinshore principal, David Brint.

The State of North Carolina chartered the Raleigh Housing Authority in 1938. RHA currently manages over 1400 public housing and rental assistance demonstration (“RAD”) units and administers over 3,900 Section 8 vouchers. The mission of the Raleigh Housing Authority is to provide safe, quality, affordable housing to low and moderate income families in the greater
Raleigh community, and to promote personal responsibility and self-sufficiency of residents while maintaining the fiscal integrity of the agency.

For more information about the Heritage Park redevelopment and updates on the planning process, please visit:

LeVelle Moton announces Raleigh affordable housing project
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